Development of wind parks

Our offer covers complex preparation of wind farm project development, starting from site selection, through necessary administrative and connecting procedures, to investor supervision at the stage of construction and commissioning of the power station. The development of a wind farm from the moment of identifying the site until acquisition of all consents and administrative decisions, and signing necessary agreements, takes from 3 to 10 years, depending on the site selected as well as the experience and knowledge of the team. Over 10,000 MW is currently being developed in Poland, at various stages of advancement, however only about 15% of projects under way have been completed or stand a chance to be completed. Such high level of risk is the result of errors made at the time of selecting land for wind farms as well as the lack of knowledge and experience of teams preparing the project. That is why selection of an appropriate team is key to the investment’s success.

GDP cooperates with a team of 12 professionals with many years of experience in such fields as:

  • Studying wind resources
  • Law
  • Project management
  • Financial analysis
  • Environmental research
  • Technical projects

Wind projects due diligence

In the Polish market, many companies are contemplating the purchase of a ready-to-build wind farm project, or taking over an investment which is already in development. Every such transaction should be preceded by a sound and thorough legal, environmental, technical and financial audit.

Over the last 10 years, members of the team have participated in the execution of over 20 projects in Poland and many investments in Europe at every stage of development – from site selection, through the development stage, to sale/construction and operation of the farm. Thanks to their experience, they have an excellent knowledge not only of the Polish wind energy market, local realities, but also international standards. In the projects they prepare, they cooperate with European companies having long-term experience in assessing wind resources, and in technical, building and energy projects.

Wind projects valuation

The implementation of each project should be preceded by its financial analysis. We create individual financial models for our customers, representing the development and life cycle of the project developed, which enables us to calculate the period of return on the investment, expected rate of return, and debt financing options.

Support of the project purchase/sale process

Members of the GPD team participated in the process of sale and purchase of more than a dozen wind projects with a total capacity exceeding 1,000 MW. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the market, we can support you in the process of purchasing projects, and during the identification of attractive investments, negotiations with their owners, project analysis and execution of the purchase/sale transaction.

Cooperation with landowners

We look forward to working together with landowners and agents who have land on which wind farm projects could be developed.


GPD creates a portfolio of projects in which it is the main shareholder, that is why we are interested in taking over projects for which the development process has commenced, as well as wind farms which have already received the planning permission.

If you are interested in cooperation please contact our office.