Abrupt technological and economic development and increase of consumption have contributed to increase of waste production. Waste management is a serious issue that has to be challenged by local authorities. Proper waste management depends to a large extent on the population – the level of their ecological awareness as well as the manner they handle waste that they produce. The waste management system should be designed in a way which makes environmental impact as small as possible and using advantages that come from waste that may be a source of energy or resources.

Green Project Development, caring about the environment and the future of us all, offers support for Local Self-Government Units and private Investors in the scope of:

  • applications for a permit to produce waste, licence for business in the scope of waste collection, processing and transport;
  • keeping the register of waste along with development of waste reports;
  • development of reports containing information on using the environment;
  • preparation of Project Information Charts and Environmental Impact reports;
  • development of landfill operation manuals;
  • training courses and lectures on ecology with emphasis put on waste production, management, and use;
  • consultancy in the scope of possibility of using modern technologies of waste management and its usability.