GPD provides comprehensive investment set-up and management services. Our company develops photovoltaic farm investment projects, from the phase of conducting underlying technological and financial analyses, via technological designs, procurement of necessary permits and approvals, selection of material, supervision of execution works, up to start-up of farm operation. If our clients so desire, GPD can also take care of and supervise selected stages of the entire project development process.

Having a professional team in charge of the development process is a guarantee that the project will be completed swiftly and as it should be to generate returns for the investor for many years to come. GPD experts ensure the highest quality of development services.

Assessment of site potential and elaboration of development concept

GPD supports its Clients in reviewing potential photovoltaic farm sites by assessing insolation, determining the technical conditions and power generation potential, and looking into the possibilities of channelling the generated power to the National Power System. Our experts will also prepare the development concept, investment cost calculations, and the schedule of works for you.

Project audits

Acquisition of a photovoltaic farm project, whether completed or still under development, should always be preceded by a legal, technological and financial audit to guide the investor to select the most profitable project and avoid any unplanned expenses.

Thanks to the experience of the GPD team, gathered in more than 20 RES projects over the last 10 years, both in Poland and abroad, we can offer you professional service in RES project audits.

Support in the project purchase/sale process

As our specialists were involved in more than a dozen processes of RES project acquisition, of 1,000 MW total power, we can offer professional support in this kind of transactions. Any players interested in the purchase or sale of a photovoltaic project can rely on our services comprising identification of attractive investment opportunities, negotiations with their owners, project analyses, as well as closing of the purchase/sale transaction.


We address our offer of cooperation especially to:

  • manufacturing plants with high power consumption business models
  • owners of agricultural land with substantial acreage
  • logistics hubs, warehouses with large roof or land areas

Benefits of developing a photovoltaic farm:

  • Development of a photovoltaic farm means above all lower costs to purchase power, since power can be purchased directly from the farm on your site.
  • A photovoltaic farm can also mean an additional revenue stream throughout the lifecycle of the installation, generated from the roof or land lease agreement relating to the investment project.
  • A photovoltaic farm on the site of your business allows you to join the club of environmentally friendly companies, raising your prestige and offering additional opportunities for good publicity.


GPD creates a portfolio of projects in which it is the main shareholder, that is why we are interested in taking over projects for which the development process has commenced, as well as wind farms which have already received the planning permission.

If you are interested in cooperation please contact our office.