We represent the Investor before public administration, conduct and supervise legal and environmental procedure as well as develop the plan and provide comprehensive execution of PR and promotional activities, including exhibitions / campaigns/ workshops, etc.

We offer comprehensive social diagnosis and analysis of potential social conflicts that constitute the basis for development of the plan and then to conduct public consultancy.

Reports and Environmental Assessments (EIA)

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is necessary in the case of certain projects. Iit includes the EIA Report that requires detailed expertise in environmental protection as well as knowledge of applicable law. We offer comprehensive handling of environmental impact assessment procedure that includes:

  • preparation of the application for the environmental permit for the consent for execution of projects, both planned and existing;
  • development of the project information chart;
  • development of the report on the project’s environmental impact;
  • consultancy in the scope of environmental requirements necessary for the report execution;
  • consultancy and supervision in the scope of environmental protection at the stage of project execution;
  • arrangement with the parties to proceedings;
  • public consultancy;
  • post-execution analyses.

The scope of expert consultancy services provided by GPD also includes:

  • applications for permits required by Water Law Act;
  • planning, development, and conducting of legally required public educational campaigns (social ecological education, ecological contests for educational facilities, information-educational campaigns, etc.);
  • organisation of training courses in the scope of environmental protection for employees (obligations of entrepreneurs in the scope of environmental protection, compendia of applicable regulations, administrative procedure to obtain consents/decisions/permits, etc.).