Green Project Development (GPD) offers support both for economic entities, organisations, and for natural persons in investment processes in the widely understood environmental protection, renewable source power generation, and infrastructure.

GPD employs exerts with many years of experience in project management, law, executing administrative procedures, environmental protection and engineering, financial analysis, as well as engineers and experts in agricultural production and general construction engineers and power engineers. We also cooperate on the permanent basis with a range of renown experts and practitioners with high professional competence and vast experience in the industry.

GPD specialises in handling investment projects. We offer complex conducting of an investment process starting from selection of location and development of the project concept, through project developing management process, execution of planning-building, power generation, and environmental procedures up to obtaining the building permit and execution of investment and post-execution handling. Entrusting the GPD team with these tasks, our Clients get a guarantee that parameters of the planned project, such as its size, location, or applied technology will be adjusted to their individual needs. We also provide services related to handling sales-purchase transactions for investment projects.