Environmental pollution, scarce resources, changes in business activity forms, necessity to use alternative energy sources, demographic and cultural changes, changes in using technical infrastructure with simultaneous digitalisation of people’s life require specific actions on the part of local authorities. In an attempt to obtain high level results, public administration should get involved in preparation of a long-term development strategy in each filed and in creation of organisational effective procedures and structures assuring coordination of development policies.

Green Project Development offers a range of services in the scope of handling Local Self-Government Units. Many years of experience in services and infrastructure enables us to commence and execute all activities necessary for a project. We complete tasks we are entrusted with by our Clients in a professional and decent manner that is fully satisfactory for them.

The company offers services in the following areas:

Smart City

The Smart City concept is an integrated development opportunity for cities and communes. It combines and uses all economic, environmental, infrastructural, social, and administrative factors to constantly improve the quality of local community life by using the latest technological achievements and intelligent area management.

In a smart city, life is better both for its population and management. Smart City enables sustainable development in all areas, with particular emphasis on communication, security, and ecology. Constant monitoring of current affairs in a city or town, regardless of its size, allows to increase the efficiency of communes as well as companies, and first of all allows for large budgetary savings.

Water-sewage management:

  • execution of construction/expansion of water supply and waste water systems, from the stage of design to operating commencement with cooperation of partners and subcontractors;
  • development of applications and documents for obtaining non-refundable subsidies for execution of projects from European, state, and regional programmes;
  • development of a financial plan and schedule of project execution;
  • project feasibility studies.

Development of strategic documents and studies for Local Self-Government Units:

Low-Carbon Plan – PGN:

The Low Carbon Plan is a strategic document aiming at improvement of air quality and acting as the basis for obtaining financial support from the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment for 2014 – 2020.

Thanks to Low Carbon Plans, self-government units will be able to build an effective development strategy in compliance with the requirements posed on Poland by the EU Directives.

The Plan of Heat, Electricity, and Gas Fuel Supply

The “plan of Heat, Electricity, and Gas Fuel Supply” is a document that allows for the optimum management of commune power economy. It is developed for the period of 15 years and, similarly to the PGN, it facilitates obtaining EU, state, and provincial funds.

Energy Certificates

Energy certificates are a necessary element at the stage of planning thermo-modernisation or lighting modernisation projects. They specify the current status and offer optimum solutions that will enable obtaining the desired energy effect for the least financial expenditures possible.

Development of the following:

  • Commune and district development strategies
  • Studies of conditions and directions of commune zoning plans
  • Local Zoning Plans
  • Commune Revitalisation Programmes
  • Environmental Protection Plans
  • Ecophysiographical Studies